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"I don't normally do these things but I kind of realise how important it is for people to learn some historic references and kind of get an understanding from someone who was there. That was the account according to me and I hope you do well with your podcast"

Episode 93 ft Shantibaba of Mr Nice Seeds / CBD Crew

"I appreciate you, I really do. You are one of us, you perpetuate the culture, you perpetuate the facts, the realness of it. You keep it alive and we all appreciate you for it."

Episode 82 ft Skunk Va of Lucky Dog Seed Co

"I hope this has been inspirational for people listening, that’s been a point of my life, to inspire others and I've been very inspired. I've been inspired by talking to you, this is the longest conversation I've ever had on a podcast, it's one for the history books."

Episode 62 Ft Todd McCormick of AG Seed Co

Who is Heavy Dayze?

First making waves in 2016 with the creation of 'The Pot Cast', Heavy Dayze is an Australian breeder, scientist and journalist whose passion has led him around the world, documenting the stories and accounts from some of the cannabis industries best known and elusive legends.